Saturday, April 17, 2010

I can't believe it's almost two years since I last blogged here (see the side bars... so not updated!) and that my last blog was about being pregnant. My life has dramatically changed since then. The arrival of Jia, my darling daughter, has changed me in ways I did not anticipate.

Thank you to everyone who followed this blog. You have no idea how happy your visits and comments have made me.

After a long hiatus, I am now taking up blogging again. And although it saddens me to leave this blog, I deemed it better to setup a new blog to chronicle my "new" life.

Please visit me at my new homes:

I am Clarice and this is my life

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See you!


Monday, May 12, 2008

One long post about being....*

Okay, okay, okay... I admit I'm a bad blogger. Even Jojie has been making me kulit about blogging (nagugulat kasi siya na sometimes his friends tell him that they read pala this blog kaya feeling proud naman siya. Hahaha!).

Anyway, the reason I wasn't able to blog for a loooooong time is.... tsadan... I'M PREGNANT! Isn't that like the most ironic thing??? I mean, it's ironic after that post "On having a baby". Teeeheeeheee! But then, it just shows how things can not be controlled sometimes (which is such a big realization for me... mwehehehehehe!).

I find out I was pregnant on November 20, which was a few days before the W@W Christmas party. I didn't think I was pregnant kasi I spotted but when my regular period didn't come, I decided to take a pregnancy test and needless to say, it was positive.

The whole pregnancy process (at least from the time I learned I was pregnant up to now that I'm in my 29th week) is one bumpy but happy roller coaster ride for me. For one, I was constantly in a threatened abortion condition (not sure if I used the term correctly) during the first couple of months. I spotted for almost one month so I was put on bed rest. Since Jojie and I live in a condo unit alone and he had to go to the office, we decided to move back to my parents' house. Kasi dun sure ako na may mag-aalaga sa akin. I accomplished everything in bed. My mom and my sister (who were super duper supportive) would feed me in bed and would constantly deep me company para hindi ako ma-bore. Abie sent me bobo novels to keep my mind off things. Jojie bathed me. All these para hindi ako ma-stress at hindi makasama sa baby.

I didn't miss a single wedding. There were times na hindi na ako nagsa-spot tapos dahil sa stress sa wedding, bigla akong magsa-spotting uli. In spite of all the hassles and the worries I went through, wala akong bride na hindi ako yung nagpalakad. :)

Sa super stressful events, sinamahan ako ni Jojie. The most stressful was probably the W@W Party. It went great naman daw sabi nila... hahaha! pero super duper grabe abot sa ceiling ng Fernwood yung stress ko the days before that and OTD. Jojie was with me the whole time and I was clutching my tummy kasi masakit yung puson ko the whole day. (Btw, Mimi and Karl won the Supplier of the Year award. Very well-deserved, I must say. :)) Nagsisi lang ako kasi I wasn't able to have lots of post-nup picture taken despite the 20+ photographers present! Nakapagpa-picture lang kami kay Mel Cortez and kay Chito Cleofas (two of my "favoritest" photogs! :)) pero hindi ko pa rin nakukuha until now. Hehehe!

Morning sickness was hell.... don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And for the life of me, I cannot understand why it's called morning sickness when it starts at 7am and lasts until 12 midnight! Pucha! One third lang dun yung umaga... dapat whole day sickness yun eh. Hahaha!

The transition to being a pregnant working person was very hard for me. Bigla na lang hindi ako makapag-meeting ng hanggang gabi unlike before. Kelangan may driver ako at may yaya na kasama forever.

In my post about having a baby, I think I discussed about being afraid of the changes I'd have to face if I were to get pregnant. I was so right! Totoo nga palang ang daming changes, ang daming sacrifices. I'm not saying I'm not excited to see my baby or that I don't think the sacrifices are worth it but I have to admit that there were times I wasn't too happy. For one, Jojie and I love to travel. We love the beach and goal naman to go to the beach at least once a year. Normally by this time, nakaka-dalawa na kaming alis. But because of my delicate pregnancy, syempre hindi pwede. Oh well, sabi naman ni Jojie we'll travel next year, and since that would be with baby na, mas masaya! :)

Am giving birth in July. As early as now, I'm making sure all my June, July, and August (konti lang yan, don't worry) weddings are fixed. Pati mga song lists, inaayos ko na. Before the month ends, I'll make sure super konti na lang yung kelangan ayusin. I'm very grateful to all my brides. All of them were very supportive when I told them I was pregnant.

So there... this post is just basically to update you on why I wasn't able to blog.

Till next time!


* - a crossover post; also posted in An Event to Remember


Sunday, October 14, 2007

You Raise Me Up

I was so busy with various things that I never paid attention to the fact that Josh Groban is having a concert here. Josh Groban!!! I cannot imagine how it would feel like to actually watch his concert. Haaaaay!

Jojie saw the ad the other day and knew that I would want to watch (O di ba, nung isang araw niya rin lang nakita? Hay exagg sa busy kami no?!). There are only two concert days. October 17 is by-invitation only while Oct 18 has limited tickets. When he looked at the ticket prices though, Php5,000.00 is the cheapest available. So syempre, binale-wala na niya. Sabi niya pa "Seriously?!"

Then when I told him that I really want to watch, he asked me "Eh sino nga ba yang si Josh Groban uli?"

Sabi ko "Hon, siya yung may version ng The Prayer."


"Hon, siya yung kumanta ng You Raise Me Up. Kilala mo na? Alam mo yung You Raise Me Up di ba?"

"Ah... oo nga... you raise me up." I went back to what I was doing and was going to hum You raise me up when Jojie suddenly sang, "You raise me up before you go-go, Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo, You raise me up before you go-go, I don't want to miss it when you hit that high" Tapos tawa siya ng tawa.

Di ba nakakainis?!



Friday, October 12, 2007

new blog

I'm putting up another blog, solely for weddings and wedding planning. This blog will revert back to my personal blog.

It's not so maayos yet kasi hindi pa napapalitan the background and stuff but please visit. Will transfer my wedding-related posts to that blog soon.



on having a baby

Whenever I meet someone new (be it a bride, a groom, a starbucks barista, or a taxi driver), I always get asked if I'm married. When I say yes, the next question is always if I already have a baby. My standard answer would be "Wala pa. Mukha lang." Then I'll smile. More often than not, the person would laugh. If I'm in luck, the questioning would stop. If not, next question would be "Eh bakit wala pa? Gaano na ba kayo katagal kasal?" I would answer "Two and half years po" and then, believe me, a barrage of (I'm sure) supposed-to-be well-meaning badgering about my biological clock (oh yeah, isa pa pala sa tanong ay kung ilang taon na ako) would ensue. The person would tell me to stop working and to have a baby NOW NA. The joys of motherhood will be explained and I would just smile. Dati sinasabi ko pang "Nag-iipon pa po kasi." Pero nagsawa na rin ako sa "Naku, eh baka masyado kang yumaman!" So ngayon, my standard answer is "Naku, baka mapa-anak ako sa kasal. Hindi pwedeng ma-agawan ng eksena ang bride!" More often that not, that will end it.

Don't get me wrong. As I said, I'm sure these are all well-meaning badgerings. Even my friends, as in closest friends, and my family, ask me sometimes. Ang kaibahan lang, kilala nila ako, and they support what I want. Nakakainis lang when they make me kulit when I don't even know what I want. :(

Oh yeah, I want to have a baby. Not sure if that's now or two years from now. And yes, natatakot ako sa biological clock. Believe me. But I'm scared. Feeling ko super daming changes na mangyayari na baka hindi ko kayanin. I even asked my mom if it will be worth it and she said that it will be. And looking at my friends, I know having a baby will be worth all the sacrifices and the pagod. Love na love nila yung babies nila eh na I'm super touched whenever I see them.

Haaaay! I don't know. Last month, I thought I was pregnant and mejo natakot ako kasi that would mean baka manganak ako ng July eh wedding yun ng isang supplier na kami magko-coordinate. Sabi ng isang friend ko, next year na lang daw ako magpabuntis, pero naisip ko na wedding naman un ng sister ni Melissa Ferrer-Litao. Haaaaay! (Weird my concerns no? Hahaha!)

Another concern pala is I know how much the kapalpakan of a parent can ruin a child's life (kasi yung clients ko dati minsan gusto ko nang i-adopt kasi super palpak yung mga magulang) and I don't want that to happen to my kid. Pero alam ko rin naman that every mom just does best and just hopes that whatever that is, is totoong the best.

Oh well! Kung ano man, I'll just let God do the decision for me. Honestly, I'm okay with not having a baby. I'm super happy right now and getting happier every day. But I'm also excited at the thought of having one. Hahaha! Sabi naman ni Mama, as long as klaro kami ni Jojie sa gusto namin, be it having a baby or not having a baby, then everything will be okay.


P.S. Sorry but one thing I hated pala was when a couple actually asked me if I could state it in my contract na hindi ako mabubuntis during the duration of their preps. Buti na lang I didn't lose my cool. I mean, wala ako balak mag-baby pa talag during that time pero nagulat lang talaga ako. I know, I know, it's their wedding pero hindi ba over yun? I wonder tuloy if they also asked that from their other suppliers. Hmmm...


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh I know...

Warning: This post is a product of just continuous typing so I don't even know if it makes sense. :)


Yeah, I know it's been ages since I've last posted. I've been meaning to but there would always be something more important to do...

It's almost 3:00 am. Jojie is already asleep. I'm finishing something for a bride and I promised myself I won't sleep without finishing it first. I just finished it and I can sleep now but before shutting down my laptop, I checked my personal email first and I got this comment from Nadia. She commented on my last post.


Hi Clarice!

This is one of those nights when I'm on an out of town assignment and only the internet can make me sleepy. But then I chanced upon your blog while browsing Veluz',so I ended up staying awake all night, enjoying your insights.

Some of your entries have given me a stinging reminder about compassion, some have made me laugh and realize that I shouldn't take some things too seriously. Some just made me a fan. Hehe. Funny how even after my wedding, life still finds a way for you to help me organize and de-clutter-- without you even knowing it, hehehe.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to tell you pala how Dax and I get a kick out of telling my chupitero Dad na kilala namin yung nagsusulat ng investment advice that he takes as gospel truth sa pagbili ng stocks. Parati ko sinasabi na asawa yung nung wedding coordinator ko and he would just say ganun ba?--- although ilang beses ko na yung sinasabi sa kanya hehehe. Buti na nga lang bullish ang stockmarket lately kaya parati niyang sinasabi, buti na lang sinunod ko yung stock pick ng Abacus. Mwahahaha.

O siya yun lang. Sobra kong natuwa talaga sa blog mo. Wishing you and Jojie all the best...




Sobra ako natuwa. Funny how everytime I even consider changing jobs, a bride (or a former bride) would make me remember that what I do helps them, even in just little ways. Goodness knows I get tired. Sometimes, the never-ending stress of wedding preps gets to me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy what I do and I LOVE my brides pero exagg the stress minsan. It's my job to shield the bride from the stress kahit papano so in the process, I absorb it. It helps a super lot that I was trained to be a counselor. It also helps that I seem to have a personality which easily puts people at ease (siguro part ng pagiging psychologist). My mom keeps telling me to take it slow. Jojie has told me several times to stop and to just finish the weddings I've lined up kasi nga naman we never had a normal life together (no weekends, meetings at night, phone calls at 12midnight from frantic brides, everything has to be planned like six months in advance, I don't get to attend any family events, etc.).

Sometimes, I just want to curl up and cry. Pero di ba nga, may three minute rule? Three minutes lang pwede mag-self-pity? And miraculously, before that three minute is up (syempre metaphorical ito ha), a bride just pops out of the blue to make me remember how much I love this job. Ang galing no?

Si Nadia was my 4th bride. Her wedding was in Hacienda Isabella na, take note, umulan. That was a really unforgettable wedding. First time kong nagtuyo ng kutsara at tinidor sa kitchen para makakain na yung guests. Nag-distribute din ako ng kubyertos at nag-set ng table.

Nadia is an ABS-CBN reporter while Dax was a writer for Inquirer during the time of their wedding so karamihan ng guests nila media people. Mabuti na lang media sila at sanay sa cowboy way of living. Hiyang-hiya ako nun kasi we couldn't even provide dry chairs for the guests. Oh yeah, that was also the first time na nag-sindi ako ng fireworks for the fireworks display. Masyado kasi mahal pag nagpa-OOT pa kami sa fireworks supplier so bumili kami ng light-it-yourself (sorry, kuripot na coordinator). Nung sisindihan na, nawala yung waiter na dapat magsindi so ako yung nagsindi. Ang masakit nun, ang hirap nang sindihan nung susunod na set kasi hindi na ako makalapit! Hahaha!

That wedding made me realize though that having a perfect wedding doesn't just depend on immaculate setup or having a six layer cake; it depends on the couple and the guests. And with the right attitude, even a garden wedding "ruined" by rain can be really wonderful.


Hi Nads!

I hope you don't mind that I posted your comment on my blog. :)

Thank you so much for dropping by and for perking me up at this time of the night! :)

Alam mo sa lahat ng naging brides ko, ikaw ata yung pinakamadalas kong makasalubong, makabangga, at makita. Hehehe!

Thank you for your comment. I super appreciated it. I was post-hopping through my blog and I realized na ang dami-dami-dami ko na palang nasulat tungkol sa kung anu-ano and it never occurred to me that people actually read my blog. Hahaha! Feeling ko sumusulat lang ako sa sarili ko... parang diary! Mwahahaha!!

Alam mo, for some reason, reading your comment made me want to seriously consider the hobbies and other things that I've been wanting to pursue. Gusto ko mag-tutor for free uli sa public school students, gusto ko mag-photography, gusto ko mag-bake uli, gusto kong matapos yung kurtinang dalawang taon ko nang tinatahi... hahaha! Funny how a simple comment from you inspired me to explore new things.

When you come to think of it, ang galing kasi kahit na I coordinated your wedding, Jojie and I got married just a few months before you and Dax did. So I realized na we're in the same life stage. Ang saya no?

O cia, mahaba na ito. Masyado nang OA yung reply ko. Haha!

Thank you, Nadia. *hugs*




Monday, July 16, 2007

I miss my friends

I know I have Jojie and I'm really happy with him (I actually have an unfinished blog post about how happy I am with my marriage). We talk all the time and I am able to tell him anything and everything. I am also able to tell him if I get hurt with something he does or if I'm irritated with him. But I still miss my friends.

I miss Candice, one of my closest friends and my maid of honor. She's taking up her residency in California right now and although we email and chat once in a while, I miss her terribly. Pag may problema ako, siya pa rin lang yung nasasabihan ko. Kakatawa nga kasi pag nagkikita kami sa chat at napapakuwento ako, I almost always end up crying.

I miss Kat, my "oldest" friend (we've been friends since grade school). She and her husband Dex migrated to the UK. I know she's very happy but the selfish part of me wanted her to stay. Alam mo yun, yung hindi naman kayo nagkikita pag andito kayong dalawa kasi super busy kayo pareho but you realize that you miss your friend when she's gone.

I miss Emily, also one of my closest from college. Emily and Candice were both my barkada in college. Ems is now in France, married to Tony and taking care of their little boy, the super duper gwapo Angelo.

I miss Michelle, my best friend in high school. Jojie and I met through her (siya kasi yung crush talaga ni Jojie). We kinda just... drifted apart and I feel sad and guilty, too, because I didn't make more effort to sustain our friendship.

I miss Jonathan, my guy best friend. Yeah, anjan pa rin siya sa tabi-tabi but we seldom talk to each other now unlike before when we talked almost everyday and until midnight or even until the wee hours of the morning.

I miss Dowa, my wedding-theme buddy, my partner in coordination, my W@Wie sister. She's in Malaysia right now and I know that she's really happy there, especially with Iaree.

I miss Kat-Kat, my closest friend in AC. I miss talking to her about anything and everything.
But then, I have still some of my old friends and several new friends now.

I have Abie, my W@Wie sister, my partner in coordination, my Mang Boy-buddy, my Divi-friend, my super-kasundo-in-everything-can-talk-about-anything friend.

I have Maye who used to be my super malditang kapatid but with whom I've grown closer since I got married (read: left the house). Hehehe!

I have my team... Mitch, Marielle, Au, Mac... whom I spend so much time with that from mere teammates, we've grown to be friends.

I have Tisha, my event stylist for my wedding and still my favorite event stylist in the world! She and I can talk about so many stuff... weddings, married life, the future, politics, movies, other people... mwehehehe! chismisan pala yung ginagawa!

I have Mama na forever naman talagang anjan. Love you, Mama! Mwah!

I guess, life really is this way. You gain friends, you lose friends. People come and go. But everyone I meet leaves an imprint in my life and touches me in a way only that person can.



W@W Party 2007

During Tita Jet Versoza's (of Josiah's) brithday party last Tuesday in Josiah's UN, I was asked by Benz to coordinate this year's Weddings at Work's Christmas Party. Tentative date is 3rd week of November in Fernbrooks. At least now, hindi na siguro ako ganun mase-stress. For one, I already know what to expect. Last year's party caught our team off guard. Super daming suppliers! Mas marami pa sa W@Wies! We didn't expect that. Plus daming prizes na dumating OTD so kagulo sa pag-register ng prizes. Isa pa, last year, I kinda felt that I had to prove our team's worth. During that time, we have been in business for just a year and a half and we bagged one of the top ten wedding suppliers position. Since hindi naman talaga kami kilala and I don't naman din talaga socialize with so many suppliers AND I heard that other suppliers were asking around who we were and kung magaling daw ba kami, parang feeling ko I needed to prove that we could handle the event. Lastly, given the small number of weddings I have accepted for this year, I do not honestly think (though hoping, of course) that we'll make it to the Top 10 this year so that will be super less stress.

After last year's party, Ronald of Balay said that we did a good job and we have to do it once lang naman so okay na kami. According din to Tisha, John said naman that that was the first time that Benz was not as stressed. Sana totoo yun! Hahaha! So I think all in all, it was an okay job although super dami ko pa gustong ayusin.

Kanina, Tisha and I were texting and we were already thinking of the theme for the party. Mej hindi naman advanced di ba? Hahaha! Looking forward to this year's party!



A really good week...

Remember my "Good morning!" post? That good morning stretched to a good week!

Teng, my June 29 bride, texted me last also later that day. Her message went:

"Hi Clarice. Pauwi na ko NY bukas. I juts want to thank your crew again, most especially you for all your help sa wedding namin ni Charles. Parang di pa sapat yung thank you and fee to let you know how grateful we are to you. I hope mas maging successful pa kayo. We'll miss you. God bless and ingat palagi.... Mwuah!"

Then last Friday, on my way to my car, our building guard approached me and gave me a card which arrived via mail. It was a card from Sarah and Lesley, our May 26 couple. This was the card they sent.

Aaaaaw! Aren't they sweet?!

For some reason, everytime I even consider quitting coordination, something like this happens... a former bride texts or emails to thank us and I realize how much I really enjoy this job.

Before I end, just want to share this email I got from Tin (our July 1, 2006 bride). Last January, during the time I was so stressed, Concon texted me and told me that I should continue with coordination then Tin emailed me this super duper heartwarming letter.


Hi Clarice!

This morning, I thought of you. You see, one of my college friends got married on January 12 and last night we met up and talked about our weddings (masaya pala yun! :)).

She shared that her make-up session (also with Madge) ended a little later than scheduled, because she had to stand up and fix a few things every now and then. She was still awake around 1030pm the night before her wedding day texting people and reminding them. She got goosebumps all over the morning of her wedding day because she was too nervous. They forgot to arrange for packed lunch for the suppliers and everyone else in the hotel until a day before. She walked too fast down the aisle. The church boy was all over their pictures simply because they didn't know what to do and he had to tell them pa. At marami pang glitches. I admire her mom though for pulling it off beautifully pa din.

And then I realized, I didn't have the same problems as hers. I was so relaxed and light hearted a week before the wedding, moreso on the day itself (that is until I was ready to walk down the aisle hahahha). Mhel said, it's because I knew we were alright with you around. :) He was right.

So there. I am sending this just to let you know how glad and grateful we are that you and your team played a big part in making our wedding very memorable. Thank you for giving us your best and more. We will never ever regret having you. :)



ps. madrama ba? naiiyak nga ako oh, promise! :) hehehe


I oh so love love my brides!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good morning! :)

I woke up this morning with a slightly-higher-than-last-night's fever. My energy level was so low and I know I shouldn't go to work or else baka lalo pa lumala. I extended my hand to serach for my phone (a thing I do every morning). I had one unread text message. It said:

"Gd am. Tita Meli to, mom ni Pam. Remember Mla Pen? Nag-attend ako wedding. Compare ko kay Pam. Wala sa 1/4 ang ganda.... Maganda talaga service niyo.... Ngayon pa lang ako magpapa-thank you sa iyo. Isa ka sa nagpaganda ng kasal ng anak ko. God bless."

It was so heartwarming to know how much Tita appreciated the work we did. It made my day.